MAC: the leader in makeup brushes


The internet has really transformed the way large companies do business. We might argue that the person that is benefitting most from the introduction of the internet is us, the consumer. This is because the internet has brought us ever so closer with our favourite brands. Look at the MAC website, the new brush set is now only a click away because the newest product that MAC launches is reflected on its website.

The fun does not merely end at the fact that it is a fast updating catalogue, but also you can always be sure that your favourite model, even if it is not stocked in your neighbourhood retailer, will be available at the MAC website. For example the makeup brushes that were released quite a while ago, enough for some retailers to stop stocking them, are readily available at the website. This is because if  you are accustomed to one design of brush, it becomes sort of your signature and using any other brush does not quite mean the same as the one you are used to anymore.

The MAC website is a versatile array of makeup products, ranging from bobbi brown brushes to the more subtle looking mirror, it really is a paradise for a makeup enthusiast. It actually does not even matter if you are a professional makeup artist, busy in making a million designs a day, or a personal user who uses it twice a day. The MAC brushes are proven to bring out the best results in both cases. In fact there have been instances that artists armed with MAC makeup brush set alone, without any prior makeup education or experience, have created makeup designs which have really taken the world by storm. Not only this, the MAC website is also mentioned in many social media as the first choice for all youthful aspiring makeup artists.

There is a simple explanation to all this, the company believes that makeup is nothing short of art. And art is only as great as the creativity in its creators mind. Hence MAC products are designed to bring out the best from your creativity and present it as a canvas. MAC brushes are designed in such a way that they give you that extra bit of canvas to work with, reaching into spaces and crevices of the human body that the other brushes do not dare go. The more the canvas, the more space you have to express yourself.

While stating that, MAC also takes great pride in the investment it has made in keeping its brushes safe for all kinds of skins. We have seen that in the recent years there have been many cases all over the world where people are affected by skin problems because they are had used substandard brushes. MAC invests heavily in always maintaining and researching different ways of creating a safe compound to make brush bristles by, this ensures that no harmful material comes into contact with your skin, making your makeup experience a truly safe one.  



Full and dense for dusting loose or pressed powder on face or body. This brush is particularly good for blush application with soft fibers that form a full, rounded shape.
M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

21.5 cm (8.5 inches)

Are you a beauty novice, a first time beauty seeker and enthusiast? Are you willing to shift from that whole laid back, subtle persona into a beauty spotlight? Well, dab on a little makeup with the right tools and you got yourself a whole new you! Being beautiful doesn’t require too much makeup or too lavish colors, it just need the right tool to effectively showcase the makeup to enhance the features of your face.

Most women think that makeup would change a woman’s look drastically; unfortunately, drastic changes may render one’s face from good looking to just overly drag. A makeup set must suit a woman’s lifestyle, expressing herself and her facial features to look naturally beautiful and effortless. Lipsticks, eye shadows, liner, foundations, primers and so much more have been the front line equipment to a beautiful face. But behind those, comes the ever so trusted brushes. These brushes are specially made to cater to specific areas of the face, contouring and targeting spots to deliver the best result any makeup can accomplish.

One of the top cosmetic industries that offer the best tools for makeup application is MAC. The Limited Edition New MAC Brushes with Tube Brush Handler includes 12 pieces of brushes that will cater to all women, from first time beauty enthusiast to the professional makeup artist, this MAC Brush Set is suitable for all.

The set includes:
MAC 168 which is approximately around 18.5 cm in length. It is a large angled brush includes a buffed edge that is soft and perfect for cheek contour.

MAC 209 is the perfect brush for Eye Liner. It’s 15 cm in length, and executes an even stroke that lines the eyes precisely.

MAC 212, 15 cm in length, a flat shaped brush used to line and define the eye with colors.

MAC 134, 17.5 cm in length, a large powder brush has soft and natural fibres, designed especially for powder application to the face or to the body. The brush is paddle-shaped that features a fluffed, rounded tip.

MAC 231, 15 cm in length, is the perfect brush for eye shadow blending. Its flat tipped design lets you blend colors like a pro!

MAC 214, 15 cm in length, has soft bristles used to smudge and shade the eyelids.

MAC 219, 17 cm in length, is a Pencil brush perfect for eyeliner and eye shadow blending, creating a smoky eye effect.

MAC 187, 18 cm in length, a duo fibre piece of brush used to create soft layers and blending all throughout the face.

MAC 316 is a lip brush; 17 cm in length, with its small, flat and firm fibres, perfect for lining the lip.

MAC 190 is a 19 cm foundation brush created to deliver a smooth finish especially when used with any foundation from MAC.

MAC 266, 15 cm in length, is perfect for lines forming a precise sharp angle on the eyes.

Lastly, the MAC Medium Angled Shading Brush, the last brush included in the 12 piece set of MAC Brush Set, is 16 cm in length, has soft fibers with a full and angled design.

With these brushes in one set, 12 Pcs MAC Brushes with Tube Brush Handler, will definitely be the best tool for any makeup and beauty enthusiast. The MAC Professional Brushes exude excellence and are distributed and used worldwide as they are handmade and created with the best materials. Grab one now! Affordable and convenient, place your order and join in with the beauty parade!

This brush handler consists of the handler itself and the cap which contains 12 MAC brushes. Its easy to organize and use wherever you go.

Have fun with Bobbi Brown Brushes


Make up application has never been so easy and entertaining before. The 5 brushes and 8 sets of brushes can meet up every requirement you have. It is a known fact that makeup appliers are as important as the colors. Take a trip to our website and know about the Bobbi Brown brushes.

Bobbi Brown presents you 5 gorgeous brushes including a foundation brush, an eyeliner brush, a bronzer brush, an eyebrow brush and a face brush. If you need a single brush for a specific purpose and don’t want to buy a whole set, then you can choose any one from the 5. The 8 sets are brilliant combination of multi purpose brushes. There are detail descriptions of the quality and functions of the brushes and their prices.

If you want good quality brush with an affordable price, then Bobbi Brown is the choice. Bobbi Brown brushes can cover the make up needs of the whole face. The size and shape of each brush are designed in a way so that it feels really easy and comfortable to use. These are made from goat hair or pony hair which gives you a wonderful soft feeling during and after application. Your face will glow like never before if these brushes are used in make up.

Our highly recommended make up kits are used worldwide by many celebrities. Many make up artists are satisfied by using our products as well. The sets of brushes come with free pouches to carry them easily. Our 24 pcs and 18 pcs set are useful if you want to start your career as a make up artist or if you are a professional make up artist. For a heavy party make up, our 12 pcs, 10 pcs and 9 pcs sets are available that will provide every kit required for a polished look. For a light office look, buy our 4 pcs or 7 pcs set, these are really convenient to carry, you can take these sets to the office if you want.

Bobbi Brown brushes are designed and priced in a way that any person can buy any one of the sets. Every set contains the basic make up brushes needed for a make up. You can try any look with these brushes. There are many types of eye brushes that will help you to create a sexy, smoky eye. Different types of foundation brushes are available for proper application of foundation, be it powder or liquid. Our ultra fine liner brushes are specially designed to highlight the lips and the eyes. Eye brows can be perfectly shaped and highlighted with eye brow brushes.

For many people, make up application has become a boring and monotonous job for everyday life. But if you wear your make up using the right types of brushes, then it can really be fun. Bobbi Brown knows what women want, and so we are here to bring a smile on your face every time you touch those brushes on your face.

MAC Professional Makeup Belt Tool


The desire to look beautiful has always remained in a woman’s life. To fulfill this desire, they have created makeup products to add more to their natural beauty. And to wear the makeup properly, another thing has been created- the make up brush. The need of good make up brushes has always remained in the make up industry. With the purpose of performing that need, MAC brush sets present you super deluxe brushes and sets of brushes for all at a reasonable price.

MAC has always given you high quality cosmetic products, and this time, it is the brushes. 11 super quality individual brushes and 10 sets will provide every function associated with makeup. Visit our website to check out the price and quality of the products. You will find the details about the appearance and function of each brush in the website. You may purchase a single brush or a whole set, whichever suits your purpose.

MAC cosmetics are popular for their nature of suitability with skin. Brushes have that nature as well. Each brush is made of goat or pony hair which provides a natural, soothing and soft feeling when applied. The size and shapes of various brushes are perfectly designed to provide an easy application. Brushes are absolutely harmless.

The 11 brushes include a large powder one, two angled contour brushes (a golden one), a buffer one, 2 duo fiber brushes (one golden), 2 foundation brushes (one golden), a golden concealer one, a medium angled shading one and a lip brush. So, you can order any of these you need. The 10 sets are combination of these brushes suitable for all kinds of make up and convenient to carry. Sets will give you a free pouch to carry the brushes.


Make up artists and celebrities have always recommended MAC products. Vanessa Pridige suggested MAC for effortless application and astounding effect. Jessica Simpson, one of the most sensuous actresses and musicians of Hollywood has revealed her make up secret, “I use MAC brushes, yeah the brushes are simple, soft and great looking, provides great texture, the perfect glow and all that I need for my skin”.

Any person can use MAC brush sets. From school girls to professional makeup artists, everyone can choose a set and apply it. One of the MAC brush sets is the 32 pcs super professional set, it is recommended for the want to be make up artists, because it is easy to carry, it has all brushes for makeup, and it comes in a reasonable price as well. There are some sets that are really handy for travel purpose. From light to heavy makeup, all kind of makeup can be done with the help of these brushes.

Good brushes are compulsory elements of a good makeup. If you don’t enjoy wearing makeup, you won’t enjoy looking good as well. So, to start your day with a glowing face, buy any of the MAC brushes and gift your life an everlasting smile.

MAC 187 DUO FIBRE BRUSH GOLD (travel size)


A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments.
Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

12.5 cm (4.9 inches)

MAC 194 CONCEALER BRUSH GOLD (travel size 12.5cm)


Specially styled for small-area coverage and precise application. Firm and flat, slightly tapered. Good for blending “under-eye” and for “spot” touch-ups.

12.5cm (4.9 inches)

MAC 190 Foundation Brush


Pro-quality. A foundation brush designed to create even finish, flawless look. Works well with any M·A·C foundation, including Studio Fix and Studio Tech..
A professional-class foundation brush designed to provide a smooth, even finish, flawless look. Use to apply, distribute, and blend foundation into all areas in the face.

18.5 cm (7.48 inch)



A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments.
Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

18 cm (7.1 inches)

MAC 182 buffer brush kabuki


A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair.
Specially created to flawlessly blend powder onto the skin for an immaculate polished finish.
Excellent for all M·A·C powders and pigments.

7 cm (2.75 inches)